How to Become A Real Life Bloodborne Hunter

Bloodborne is a third-person action role-playing video game developed for PlayStation 4. Gamers play the role of a Hunter who is seeking rare and mysterious blood called Paleblood to cure a disease. Players would need to battle through the bestial creatures that are infesting the Gothic City of Yharnham to find the blood that they are looking for.

The game is in the Victorian era, which means the settings of the city and the outfits of the people in the game show what Great Britain looks like in the 1830s. That is also evident in the gear of the character that gamers control. This article is a Bloodborne cosplay guide.

The Star Wars Darth Maul Costume Tutorial

bloodborne cosplay diy

1. Full Bloodborne Costume                      Check Price

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3. Bloodborne Hat                                       Check Price

4. Bloodborne Necklace                              Check Price

5. Bloodborne Weapon Set                         Check Price


The Best Bloodborne Cosplay Ideas

Like many video games out there where the playable characters have different outfits, Bloodborne is no exception. Gamers have a variety of different attires and outfits that they can choose for their character. The costume they want will represent the type of traveler the role is. For this guide, the outfit that’s featured is the Hunter Set.

It consists of a black top that uses belt buckles as its button and a white undershirt. On top of the black outfit is a long black coat with a pair of black armband gear. The Bloodborne cosplay set will also come with black pants, a pair of black gloves, and a couple of black boots. A black hunter hat will also come with the cosplay set, as well as the Bloodborne Sword Hunter Badge necklace. Completing the collection is a weapon set that the character uses. The weapons included in the list are the saw cleaver and the Hunter Blunderbuss.

About Bloodborne Costume

Bloodborne is a game that was developed as a successor to the Souls game series. Though the original Souls game series was a success, there are a lot of people who liked Bloodborne better. It is due to the game’s more offensive nature, simple gameplay, and the overall gothic aesthetics of the video game. People also liked how the character looks since the story and gameplay fit the outfits that the playable character wears.

Because the enemies are cruel creatures, the Victorian era look of the characters fit perfectly in the game. It makes them look like vampire hunters, which appeals to a lot of people. The character’s look gives a Van Helsing vibe for some, which is also why Bloodborne is a good cosplay option. If you take a look at the Bloodborne cosplay photos, you can see that that the overall appearance of Bloodborne characters looks good. It makes any wearer, whether male or female, stand out during cosplay. It is a great cosplay option for people attending costume parties or comic and gaming conventions. It’s also a good costume option for people looking to do gaming photoshoots.

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