Exclusive Guide to DIY Christine Daae Costume

Christine Daae is one of the main characters of the hit novel classic and play, Phantom of the Opera. She is the leading lady of the story and the love interest of the Phantom of the Opera, Erik.  She is a young singer, and her music inclinations came from her father, who is good at playing the violin. Their family was a farmer, but after her mother died, her father sold his land and traveled to the city, hoping to find fame and fortune in music.

But their journey wasn’t an easy one, as Christine and her father landed in poverty, a professor took them in and helped them. This article is a Christine Daae costume guide.

The Phantom of the Opera Christine Daae Costume Tutorial

christine daae costume diy

1. Long White Dressing Gown                    Check Price

2. Formal Christine Daae Costume           Check Price

3. Brown Christine Daae Wig                     Check Price

4. Rose Prop                                                   Check Price

5. Silver Necklace                                          Check Price


The Best Christine Daae from The Phantom of the Opera Cosplay Ideas

Christine Daae has worn different outfits throughout her appearance in the Phantom of the Opera novel, movie, and play. Various actresses who portrayed the character has worn different outfits. But despite the many outfits the character has worn, there are still two outfits that people remember the most about Christine Daae. This guide will feature the two outfits that the character has worn.

The first one is a long white dressing gown, which the character wears as her sleeping dress and the usual dress that she wears when she’s not performing. It’s also the dress that she wore when the Music of the Night played during the novel, play, and movie. The other outfit is the formal dress, which consists of a dark red tube top with white lace at the tube opening area. The suit also comes with a gold skirt that also has gold lace attached around the waist area. Completing the cosplay set is a long brown curly wig, a silver necklace, and a rose prop.

About Christine Daae Costume

Christine Daae is a genius singer, but her passion and genius for music left her when her father died. Though Professor Valerius, who took them in before, became her adopted mother, she still missed her father. She was able to retain some of her musical ability, to allow her to enter the Paris Conservatory and become a professional singer after four years. Though her talent for music was hidden, the main character of the story, Erik, was able to bring it out from her.

His love for her allowed Christine to remember her love and passion for music, allowing her to sing beautifully once again. Christine Daae’s story and personality make her a favorite character for fans of the Phantom of the Opera and a good cosplay option. If you take a look at the Christine Daae cosplay photos, you can see that the character’s appearance, though average compared to others, has a certain flair. Her overall appearance still makes her a head-turner in costume parties and costumed conventions.

The Christine Daae Cosplay Makeup

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