The Complete Guide to Jim Halpert Costume of The Office

James Duncan Halpert, or more commonly known as Jim Halpert, is one of the main characters of the sitcom The Office. Jim works at the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper distribution company as a salesman. He is shown as someone who likes to prank people, with Dwight Schrute one of his regular targets.

Jim is also known for his love and relationship with Pam Beesly, which started with a complicated situation since Pam is not single. To make matters worse, Pam also has feelings for Jim, so it is hard for him to try and forget about her and move on. That makes Jim one of the favorite characters in the sitcom, next only to Michael Scott and Dwight. It also makes Jim a popular choice for people of the sitcom to dress up as during comic conventions or costume parties. This article is a Jim Halpert costume guide.

The Office Jim Halpert Costume Tutorial

jim halpert cosplay ideas

1. Jim Halpert Shirt                                      Check Price

2. Brown Slacks                                             Check Price

3. Jim Halpert Tie                                         Check Price

4. White Mug                                                 Check Price

5. The Office ID Badge                                 Check Price

6. 3 hole punch for Shirt                              Check Price

7. Brown Leather Belt                                  Check Price

8. Brown Leather Shoes                              Check Price


The Best Jim Halpert of The Office Costume Ideas

Jim Halpert is one of the main characters of the sitcom The Office. He is a salesman at the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin company. Jim is one of the favorite characters in the series because of his personality of wanting to prank people and his relationship with co-worker Pam Beesly. It makes the role also a preferred cosplay choice of people looking to dress up as characters from the sitcom.

This cosplay guide will feature Jim Halpert’s full costume. It consists of a white long-sleeve polo, brown slacks, brown belt, and a pair of brown leather shoes. The cosplay set will also come with a brown necktie and a set of black circles, which will be placed on the right side of the long sleeve polo. The costume set will also include several props that Jim usually have like his ID badge and a white mug that he regularly drinks from.

About Jim Halpert Costume

Jim Halpert is one of the favorite characters of The Office TV sitcom. People don’t like him because of how looks or how he dresses, especially since he looks just like your typical office worker. People are fond of the character because of his personality. He is a typical slacker who loves pranking people, especially those who are good, like Dwight Schrute. People also like him because of the difficult start with his relationship with co-worker Pam Beesly.

Jim had a crush on Pam when he first met her, but it’s a bit complicated since she was already engaged to Dunder Mifflin factory worker Roy Anderson. It even came to a point where he transferred to a different branch to forget about Pam and not be at the office after she got married. But it all worked out, eventually. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see that Jim is a popular choice for both men and women to dress up as if they’re looking to cosplay The Office characters. It's a great idea for couple cosplay with your girlfriend as Pam Beesly.

Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly Happy Moments for your Cosplay Ideas

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