How to DIY Yzma Costume of The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma is one of the main characters of the Disney animated movie, The Emperor’s New Groove. She is a mad scientist and the main antagonist of the story. Yzma is obsessed with killing Emperor Kuzco after fired from her role as the emperor’s advisor, a position that she held for a long time. She is the person who raised Kuzco, not his parents, which is also the reason for the young emperor’s negative traits.

A lot of people consider Yzma, and her hapless henchman Kronk, as the movie’s two best characters. That is because the combination of the two provides for a lot of laughter and comical moments. But Yzma is also comedic herself, always creating complicated plans that don’t succeed because she forgets important details of the plans or she does something stupid. It makes the character one of the favorite cosplay options of ladies. This article is a Yzma costume guide.

The Emperor’s New Groove Yzma Costume Tutorial

yzma costume ideas

Parts you may need

1. Full Yzma Costume                                   Check Price

2. Purple Shoulder Wrap                             Check Price

3. Light Blue Earrings                                   Check Price

4. Yzma Pop Figure                                       Check Price


The Best Yzma of The Emperor’s New Groove Cosplay Ideas

When Yzma was young, she was an attractive lady. But all her beauty disappeared as she grew old. However, the character still believes she possessed the beauty she had, which is evident in how she presents herself and on the outfit she wears.

This cosplay guide will feature Yzma’s full costume. It consists of a long black gown with a small slit to reveal the feet a shin area. The cosplay set will also come with a purple feather-like shoulder wrap, a black scarf, and a pair of purple high heel shoes. The cosplay outfit is completed with a black headpiece that covers the entire head and has a large bluish-purple feather that is bent upward to provide the character with a bird-like appearance. The collection will also come with a Yzma pop figure that you can display on your desk or shelf.

About Yzma Costume

Yzma is your typical comedic villain, coming up with complicated plans to kill the hero, only to end up foiling that plan because of her or Kronk’s clumsiness. The way she dresses is also a bit comedic since she still believes she has the beauty of the young Yzma, despite the people around her calling her a dinosaur already. Her goal was to kill Emperor Kuzco and take over the throne and become empress herself.

But because of her or Kronk’s doing, she always fails. When she thought she finally succeeded, it turns out the poison they gave just turned Kuzco into a llama. Even if Yzma is the villain of the movie, a lot of people are fond of her, especially the scenes she has with Kronk, because of the two’s hilarious activities. This fondness for the mad scientist makes the character a cosplay option for a lot of ladies. If you look at the Yzma cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as this character is good for costume parties or comic conventions.

The Emperor's New Groove | Yzma Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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