The Ultimate Guide To Sonya Blade Costume

General Sonya A. Blade is one of the characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. As one of the original characters, she is the first woman introduced in this fighting game. Sonya is a female soldier who is part of the Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA), a special forces unit in Earthrealm. She is also the mother of another Mortal Kombat character in Cassie Cage.

Sonya is now the General of the Earthrealm Special Forces, giving her command of all the units under it. She is described as a beautiful but tough and stern general who is also headstrong. This article is a Sonya Blade cosplay tutorial.

Mortal Kombat 11 - Green Sonya Blade Costume Guide

sonya blade costume ideas

Parts you may need

1. Full Sonya Blade Costume                      Check Price

2. Sonya Blade Hat                                       Check Price

3. Sun Glasses                                                Check Price

4. White Cami Bra                                        Check Price

5. Black Heeled-Boots                                 Check Price

6. Leg Holster                                                Check Price

7. Repeater Pistol                                          Check Price


The Best Sonya Blade of Mortal Kombat Green Costume Cosplay Ideas

When Mortal Kombat launched, Sonya Blade already has several costumes and skins available. It gives people several options to choose from when it comes to dressing up as this female general. Her most public appearance usually involves the character wearing a green outfit or uniform.

This cosplay guide will feature Sonya Blade’s outfit in Mortal Kombat 11. It consists of a white Cami bra with a short tight Special Forces vest on top of it that goes above her belly button. The set also comes with matching colored leather pants with black leg holster attached on the left thigh. The Blade costume also comes with black biker gloves, armbands on her upper arms, black knee pads, and a pair of black heeled boots. The cosplay set is completed with a military cap, sunglasses, and a black repeater pistol.

Mortal Combat X - Black Sonya Blade Costume Guide

black sonya blade cosplay ideas

Parts you may need

1. Full Sonya Blade Costume                      Check Price

2. Leg Band                                                    Check Price

3. Leg Holster                                                Check Price

4. Black Fingerless Gloves                          Check Price

5. Black Combat Boots                                Check Price


The Best Sonya Blade of Mortal Combat Black Costume Cosplay Ideas

As a member of the special forces, Sonya is adept at using various weapons as well as a skilled at hand-to-hand combat. This combination of power (both fighting and political) and beauty makes Sonya one of the top 20 female video game characters. Sonya Blade is more commonly identified wearing a green outfit or uniform, whether it is in the video games or comics. But she also has a black outfit, which is as fresh as her green one. You can even say that her black outfit is more functional than her green one due to its more tactical appearance.

This cosplay guide will feature Sonya Blade’s costume in Mortal Kombat X. This consists of a two-toned blue and black leather jacket with a black shirt inside and black pants with blue leather pieces attached to them. The set will also come with a black leg band and a black leg holster, and a belt where several pouches are attached. The Sonya costume will also come with a pair of black fingerless gloves, a pair of black combat boots, and a hat with the Special Forces logo.

About Sonya Blade Costume

Sonya Blade is one of the most well-known female video game characters, due to her combination of beauty, badass attitude, and exceptional fighting abilities. The combination of all of these also makes her a favorite option of ladies looking to dress up as Mortal Kombat characters for comic conventions or costume parties. Her appearance and the different outfit she wears throughout the Mortal Kombat franchise is also a determining factor for ladies to choose her as a cosplay option.

Since Sonya is a beautiful military officer, her outfits depict that appearance. She doesn’t wear sexy and revealing outfits like a lot of the female characters in Mortal Kombat. Her outfits are more aggressive in design. But it still has a bit of sexiness in the design to showcase the character’s beauty. If you look at the Sonya Blade cosplay photos, you can see the excellent combination of military look with a bit of sexiness in Sonya’s outfit.

Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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