DIY To Make A Napoleon Dynamite Costume

Napoleon Andrew Dustin Dynamite, Sr., or more commonly known as Napoleon Dynamite, is the main protagonist of the hit animated series and live-action movie of the same name. He is a 16-year-old teenage boy from the town of Preston, Idaho and an outcast. He and his brother Kip live with their grandmother.  Napoleon is awkward during conversations, which makes him an outcast in his school.

But his awkward nature didn’t stop him from making friends at his school, particularly Pedro Sanchez and Deb. The movie was a hit, which also makes Napoleon Dynamite a popular character. This article is a Napoleon Dynamite costume guide.

Napoleon Dynamite Costume Tutorial

napoleon dynamite costume diy

1. Napoleon Dynamite Shirt                      Check Price

2. Blue Jeans                                                 Check Price

3. Curly Napoleon Dynamite Wig             Check Price

4. Cassette Player                                         Check Price

5. Napoleon Dynamite Glasses                  Check Price

6. Cassette Player Headphone                   Check Price

7. Black Digital Watch                                 Check Price

8. Napoleon Dynamite Shoes Cover         Check Price


The Best Napoleon Dynamite Costume Ideas

Napoleon Dynamite has worn a lot of different outfits throughout his appearance in the movie and animated series. But the most iconic outfit he wore was when he was campaigning for Pedro Sanchez during the presidential campaign in their high school. This guide will feature one of the outfits that Napoleon Dynamite wore for the campaign.

It consists of a white t-shirt with black outlines on the sleeves and neck area and a big Vote For Pedro Text in the middle. The set also comes with jeans and a pair of black shoes cover for the character’s shoes. Napoleon Dynamite’s costume will also come with short brown curly hair to represent the character’s iconic hairstyle and eyeglasses. The cosplay set is completed with a cassette player, a headphone, and a black digital watch that Napoleon usually wears for the character’s accessories.

About Napoleon Dynamite Costume

Napoleon Dynamite is an outcast in his school due to his awkward conversation skills. He also likes to boast about himself and make outrageous claims that aren’t true. He also tends to go silent at times and then loud at other times. Since he is deemed an outcast, people treat Napoleon Dynamite badly. But he does have friends, namely Pedro Sanchez and Deb.

But his uncle ruined that when he offered Deb breast enhancers and said that Napoleon says it would be good for her. To gain back the friendship and save Pedro’s campaign, Napoleon started to dance in front of the school as part of Pedro’s skit. Napoleon Dynamite’s personality, as well as his many quotable quotes, make him a popular character for a lot of people. That is why he is also a good cosplay option, especially for those who watched this movie. If you take a look at the Napoleon Dynamite cosplay photos, you can see that his look possesses unique traits that make any wearer stand out and look good. The character is a good cosplay option if you’re attending a costume party or going to a comic convention.

The Napoleon Dynamite Cosplay Makeup

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