How To Create Your Pretty Wendy Darling Costume

Wendy Darling is one of the main characters of the animated movie Peter Pan. She is the deuteragonist of the story and the eldest child of the Darling family. She and her siblings are fascinated with the stories of Peter Pan and his adventures. Though the adults thought that the stories were just fantasy and made up, Wendy and her siblings believed them, and their belief was validated when Peter Pan visited them and took them on an adventure.

Going with Peter Pan and his adventures almost made Wendy’s dream come true, which is never to grow old. As one of the leading female characters, Wendy is the first choice of ladies looking to dress up as Peter Pan characters. This article is a Wendy Darling costume guide.

Peter Pan - Darling Costume Tutorial

wendy darling costume

Parts you may need

1. Full Wendy Darling Costume                Check Price

2. Brown Wendy Darling Wig                   Check Price

3. Wendy Darling Bow                                Check Price

4. Headband with Feather                         Check Price

5. Blue Wendy Darling Shoes                    Check Price


The Best Wendy Darling from Peter Pan Cosplay Ideas

Wendy Darling has worn various outfits throughout her appearance in Peter Pan. But she is mostly remembered for the sleeping dress that she was wearing when Peter Pan visited her and her siblings to take them to Neverlands. This guide will feature the outfit that Wendy Darling wore.

It consists of a light blue long dress with a blue sash tied around the waist. The Wendy Darling cosplay set will also come with a pair of dark blue shoes that Wendy wears and a long brown wig in the hairstyle that the character has. Wendy Darling’s outfit is completed with a light blue hair bow tied at the back of her hair. A headband with a feather will also come with the cosplay set, which the character wore when they visited the Indians in Neverland.

About Wendy Darling Costume

As the eldest child, Wendy Darling was the one that influenced her siblings to like Peter Pan and his adventures.  But her father doesn’t approve of her telling these stories to her siblings, saying that she should start maturing and growing up. It prompted her to tell her mother that she doesn’t want to grow up. Though the character is still in her preteens, she is mature and maternal, especially to her younger brothers.

She likes to care for them a lot, and this maternal instinct surfaced, even more, when they visited Neverland. Nevertheless, Wendy also has an active imagination, which is the reason she was able to tell all those stories to her brothers. As one of the main female characters in the movie, Wendy is one of the favorite options of ladies looking to cosplay Peter Pan characters. Though she lacks the spunk and appeal that Tinkerbell has, she makes it up with her personality and attitude. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see that Wendy Darling has her flair, which makes her a good cosplay option for comic conventions or costume parties.

The Wendy Darling Cosplay Makeup

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