The DIY Guide to Cosplaying Walter White Of Breaking Bad

Walter Hartwell White, Sr., or more commonly known as Walt White, is one of the main characters and the protagonist of the series Breaking Bad. Though he is the protagonist, he is more of an anti-hero. Walt White is a chemist and former chemistry teacher who started manufacturing crystal meth to pay for his treatment for lung cancer and provide for his family. He becomes darker and darker as the series progresses.

As the protagonist/antagonist of the series, Walt White is one of the most popular characters in Breaking Bad. He is also a favorite cosplay option for a lot of people. This article is a Walter White costume guide.

The Breaking Bad Walter White Cosplay Tutorial

walter white costume diy

Parts you may need

1. Bald Cap                                                     Check Price

2. Walter White Shirt                                  Check Price

3. Grey Pants                                                 Check Price

4. Black Walter White Jacket                    Check Price

5. Walter White Hat and Glasses             Check Price

6. Beard Prop                                               Check Price

7. Brown Leather Belt                                Check Price

8. Black Walter White Shoes                    Check Price


The Best Walter White of Breaking Bad Cosplay Ideas

Walter White wears a lot of different outfits throughout his appearances in Breaking Bad. It gives people who want to dress up as the character several options when it comes to his overall appearance. Despite the many outfits the character has worn, there are still some usual outfits that he is continuously seen wearing. This guide will feature one of the typical outfits that Walter White wears.

It consists of a dark green long-sleeved polo with grey pants and the usual black jacket that the character wears on top. The cosplay set will also come with a brown leather belt, a pair of black shoes, glasses, and a black hat that Walter White usually wear. Since Walter is bald, a bald cap will also come with the cosplay set, as well as a beard prop to represent the character’s facial hair.

About Walter White Costume

Walter White, who is also known as Heisenberg, was a brilliant chemist who also co-founded a company called Grey Matter Technologies. He suddenly left the company, leaving his friend Elliot and girlfriend Gretchen to run the company. When the two made a fortune with the company, Walter resented them for using his and making money from his work without properly crediting him. He went into a life of crime when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He entered into the drug trade and created one of the highest quality crystal meth available in the market.

Walter made millions with his crystal meth, and he started to justify using violence as a necessary thing to achieve his goal. Despite the character’s villainous nature and activities, he is very popular due to how compelling his story is. As a popular character, Walter White is also a good cosplay option for a lot of people. If you look at the Walter White cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as a Walter is a great idea. He is a good costume if you’re planning to go to comic conventions or attend costume parties.

The Walter White Cosplay Makeup

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