Awesome DIY and Tutorial for The Terminator Costume

The Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800, or more commonly known as The Terminator, is one of the main recurring characters in the Terminator franchise. Also known as CSM-101, the Terminator is one of the model molds that Skynet used for the metal endoskeleton of their machines. His physical appearance is from Sector Agent Dieter von Rossbach. The Terminator started as a villain in the franchise, going back in time to kill Sarah Connor.

He became one of the good guys when the resistance was able to capture him, reprogram him first to protect Sarah and John Connor before he was sent back in time. This article is a costume guide for The Terminator.

The Terminator franchise - Terminator Cosplay Tutorial

terminator costume diy

1. Makeup Kits                                             Check Price

2. Endoskull Latex Appliance                   Check Price

3. Terminator Mask                                    Check Price

4. Black Sunglasses                                     Check Price

5. Black Pants                                               Check Price

6. Black Shotgun                                          Check Price

7. Terminator Leather Jacket                    Check Price

8. Black Shirt                                                Check Price

9. Terminator Boots                                    Check Price

10. Black Gloves                                           Check Price

The Best Terminator Costume Ideas

The Terminator has worn a lot of different outfits in his various appearances throughout the movie franchise. But his most iconic look is the one that he wore in the very first movie. In that movie, the character looked badass and had the perfect look of a villain. This guide will feature The Terminator’s look in the first movie of the franchise.

The Terminator costume consists of black pants with a black t-shirt and black faux leather on top of it. The cosplay set will also come with a pair of black combat boots, black sunglasses, and a pair of black gloves. The full costume will also come with accessories to allow you to mimic The Terminator’s appearance when his skin was torn off, revealing his metal frame. There’s the heat effects, the Endoskull latex appliance, and a mask with half the face showing the character’s metal Endoskull.

About The Terminator Costume

When The Terminator movie first came out, a lot of people liked it. Not only was the story and effects good during that time, but the characters were also excellent and memorable. It includes the villain of the movie, The Terminator. He was a cold-blooded, cool-looking and strong villain that was almost impossible to kill. But he was still a fan-favorite, and his popularity increased when he was one of the heroes in Terminator 2 instead of the villain. The Terminator is also the one that made the Spanish phrase “Hasta la vista baby” and the catchphrase “I’ll Be Back” famous.

As one of the famous and favorite characters in the movie franchise, The Terminator is also one of the favorite cosplay options of a lot of people. Fans of the movie would always have the character as one of its main choices when it comes to dressing up as Terminator characters. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see that The Terminator costume is a badass costume that is great for comic cons and costume parties.

The Terminator Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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