The Complete Guide Of Rose Quartz Cosplay For Halloween

Rose Quartz is one of the characters of the animated series Steven Universe. She is the mother of Steven Universe and the founder and former leader of the Crystal Gems. She was also the one who led her friends and allies to rebel against the Gem Homeworld, saving the Earth and the life form inhabiting it from the invading Gems.

The character’s identity as Rose Quartz is just a façade, though, as her real identity is Pink Diamond. When she fell in love with Greg Universe, she had to give up her physical form to give birth to Steven, passing her gemstone to him. This article is a Rose Quartz cosplay guide.

The Steven Universe Rose Quartz Costume Tutorial

rose quartz cosplay diy

Parts you may need

1. White Tube Shirt                                    Check Price

2. Pink Rose Quartz Wig                           Check Price

3. White Long Layered Skirt                     Check Price

4. White Layered Petticoat                        Check Price

5. Light Pink Star                                        Check Price

6. PPink Rose Quartz Gem                        Check Price

7. Rose Quartz Shield                                 Check Price

8. Pink Sword                                               Check Price


The Best Rose Quartz from Steven Universe Cosplay Ideas

Like most of the characters in Steven Universe, Rose Quartz is known to wear only one outfit. She is also mostly known for her pink appearance since she is originally Pink Diamond and just adopted the Rose Quartz identity. This guide will feature the character’s usual outfit.

The Rose Quartz dress consists of a white tube shirt with a matching white long layered skirt. The outfit will also come with a layered petticoat that is put under the layered skirt to provide the balloon skirt effect. The cosplay set will also include a long pink wig in the character’s hairstyle. A light pink star that is attached to the belly button and a pink gem on top of it is also included in the cosplay set. Rose Quartz’s outfit also consists of a pink shield and a pink sword that the character uses during the rebellion.

About Peggy Carter Costume

Rose Quartz is not one of the main characters since her main storyline happened about 5,500 years before the events of the Steven Universe series. But she still played a significant role in the series, especially considering that she is Steven Universe’s mother. The character has a loving and sensitive personality, which contributed greatly to her establishing the Crystal Gems to protect the Earth from her species.

Though she is not one of the main characters of the series, people are still fond of Rose Quartz due to her overall personality and appearance. Her pink look makes for a great costume option for ladies looking to cosplay as Steven Universe characters. If you take a look at the cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up as Rose Quartz will make any lady wearing her stand out. She’s a great cosplay idea for women who are going to attend a costume party or go to a comic or movie conventions. She’s also a great costume idea for people who are doing cosplay photoshoots.

The Rose Quartz Cosplay Makeup

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