DIY To Make A Earthbound Ness Cosplay

Ness is the main character in the role-playing video game Earthbound. He is a 13-year-old kid who doesn’t talk and enjoys baseball. He is the protagonist of the game, and his quest is to save the future from an alien who wants to put all reality to eternal darkness and let everyone feel its terror. The character uses baseball gear like weapons and armor during his quest.

The character uses PK or PSI to travel around the world to collect melodies to save the world. Though released in 1994, the game became a cult classic, earning praise from gamers around the globe. This article is a cosplay guide for the protagonist Ness.

The Earthbound Ness Cosplay Tutorial

ness cosplay diy

Parts you may need

1. Yellow Ness Shirt                                   Check Price

2. Jean Shorts                                             Check Price

3. Ness Baseball Bat                                  Check Price

4. Red Ness Hat                                          Check Price

5. Brown Ness Backpack                           Check Price

6. White Socks                                             Check Price

7. Red Sneakers                                           Check Price


The Best Ness from Earthbound Cosplay Ideas

Ness doesn’t change outfits throughout the game. The only thing he changes is the bat that he is holding and his cap as weapons and gear. So players can have different choices when it comes to the bat or hat that they will use for the cosplay of the character. This guide will feature Ness’ original outfit, the one that players will start with.

It consists of a yellow t-shirt with black stripes and jean shorts. The cosplay outfit will also come with a pair of white socks that are shin-length in height and has a gray design on the heel. The Ness cosplay set will also come with a pair of red sneakers for the character’s shoes, and a light brown backpack that Ness always wears. The collection is completed with a plastic baseball bat for Ness weapon and his usual red cap.

About Ness Costume

Ness is the silent hero that people who played Earthbound grew fond of. The game was originally a hit when it was first released in Japan, but the reception in the U.S. was poor. It was only years after its release worldwide that people started to appreciate and laud the game for its gameplay and parody of the RPG genre. As the game grew in popularity, the character also became popular.

People started to like Ness. Even if he doesn’t talk, the more they play the game. What’s cool about him is the fact that he looks like a regular 13-year-old boy who likes to play baseball. He doesn’t look like a warrior, a sorcerer, or even a tough-looking character. He has this happy look on him that won’t make you think you’re playing an RPG game and battling aliens. As Ness became, he also became a great cosplay option for people attending comic or gaming conventions. If you look at the Ness cosplay photos, you can see how the simple look of he is an eye-catching costume for people who dress like him.

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