How To Get Ticci Toby Cosplay As Serial Killer For Halloween

Tobias Erin, or more commonly known as Ticci Toby, is the main villain of one of the stories of Creepypasta, a collection of horror-related legends. He is the main antagonist of the story with the same title, Ticci Toby. He is a violent and vicious serial killer who uses a hatchet to kill his victims. As a kid, Tobias already has several mental disorders that make it hard for him to live a normal life and fit in with people. He also has a disease that made him numb to pain.

When Toby finally lost control of his sanity, he snapped and killed his father then set the entire neighborhood on fire in an attempt to escape. But as the fire surrounded him, Slender Man came and saved him from death. Two weeks after his disappearance, Toby was the primary suspect on the several teenagers'  murder. It officially made the character one of Slender Man’s proxies. This article is a Ticci Toby cosplay guide.

Ticci Toby Cosplay Tutorial

ticci toby cosplay ideas

Parts you may need

1. Full Ticci Toby Costume                          Check Price

2. Jeans                                                            Check Price

3. Ticci Toby Wig                                           Check Price

4. Hatchet Prop                                              Check Price

5. Black Gloves                                               Check Price

6. Ticci Toby Goggles                                    Check Price

7. Black and White Sneakers                       Check Price


The Best Ticci Toby Cosplay Ideas

Ticci Toby has an unusual appearance as his skin is pale and an ugly face, with his mouth deteriorating to expose his teeth and gums. That is why he wears a special mask that covers his mouth area. When it comes to his outfit, there’s nothing unusual about it. This cosplay guide will feature Ticci Toby’s full costume.

It consists of a green hoodie sweater with grey and brown stripes on the sleeves and a special mask that looks that has a design that looks like large teeth. The makes make it look like Toby is sporting a monstrous wide smile. The set will also come with jeans, a short brown wig for the character’s hair, and a pair of black and white sneakers. The cosplay set is completed with a pair of greyish-black gloves, goggles that Toby wears and a hatchet prop for his lethal weapon.

About Ticci Toby Costume

Ticci Toby is a serial killer, but he is not your typical serial killer because he is one Slender Man’s proxies. But Slender Man didn’t turn Toby into a serial killer, as he already possessed the qualities that serial killers usually have. Toby has several mental disorders, and he also has a disease that makes him numb to pain and an extreme case of Tourette’s syndrome. All Slender Man did was to save him from death after he killed his father and set the entire neighborhood on fire.

Since Ticci Toby is a serial killer, his appearance is more suited for Halloween or costume parties with horror or scary themes. If you look at the Ticci Toby cosplay photos, you can see how creepy looking he is, regardless of the character wearing his mask and goggles or not. He is a great cosplay option for people who are into scary stuff.

Ticci Toby Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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