How To Make Peter Griffin Costume of Family Guy

Peter Lowenbrau Griffin, Sr., or Justin Peter Griffin, or just Peter, is the protagonist of the animated sitcom Family Guy. He is the head of the Griffin family, the husband of Lois Griffin and father of Meg, Chris, and Stewie. He has an Irish descent, but he was born in Mexico, where his mother tried to abort him but was unsuccessful. This unsuccessful abortion likely contributed to Peter’s IQ capacity.

The character was shown to have an IQ that places him below mentally retarded. His mental capacity usually results in the character doing stupid or crazy things which are hilarious but also results in accidents or physical injury to another character. His mental capacity also gets him in a lot of sticky situation, which makes for a funny scene. That is why a lot of fans consider him as the second best character in the series. This article is a Peter Griffin cosplay guide.

Family Guy | Peter Griffin Costume Tutorial

Peter Griffin costume ideas

Parts you may need

1. Peter Griffin T Shirt                                  Check Price

2. Peter Griffin Mask                                     Check Price

3. Round Yellow Belt Buckle                       Check Price

4. Peter Griffin Glasses                                 Check Price

5. Black Leather Belt                                    Check Price

6. Peter Griffin Pants                                    Check Price

7. Peter Griffin Figure                                   Check Price


The Best Peter Griffin of Family Guy Cosplay Ideas

Like all of the characters in Family Guy, Peter Griffin is seen wearing a lot of different outfits throughout the series. His different outfits are usually dependent on the scene or the story of the episode. However, he does have a default outfit that he regularly wears throughout the series. This cosplay guide will feature Peter Griffin’s usual outfit.

It consists of a white long sleeves polo for the top and green pants for the bottom. The pants will also have a black leather belt with a round yellow buckle in the middle. For the shoes, Peter wears brown leather shoes. The costume is completed with a thin-framed eyeglass and a Peter Griffin mask to match that of the character’s facial features and hairstyle. The cosplay set will also come with a figure of Peter Griffin.

About Peter Griffin Costume

A lot of fans of the series consider Peter Griffin as the funniest character in Family Guy. It is likely due to his stupid and crazy antics that usually result in a hilarious and comedic scene. The best part is that he’s not doing any of these things intentionally. His below mentally retarded IQ and ADHD makes him incapable of comprehending that what he did is wrong, which results in a funnier scenario.

Despite his mental incapacity, he loves Lois very much. He always tries to prove his masculinity to avoid his wife falling for another man. He is also a very jealous person, which usually gets out of hand, providing for more funny scenarios. That is why a lot of people like Peter Griffin because he is one funny character. He is also a good cosplay option for comic conventions or costume parties, as shown in the Peter Griffin cosplay photos.

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