The Detailed Guide To Doc Brown Costume

Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown, or more commonly known as Doc Brown, is one of the main characters of the movie trilogy Back to the Future. He is the deuteragonist of the movie and a scientist who loves to invent things. He is the inventor of the DeLorean time machine, making him the third person to time travel after Einstein and Marty McFly. As a scientist, Doc gets his inspiration from other scientists, with Albert Einstein as his priority role model.

As one of the main characters of the movie trilogy, Doc Brown is also a favorite cosplay option for fans of Back to the Future. This article is a Doc Brown costume guide.

Back to the Future Doc Brown Costume Tutorial

doc brown costume diy

1. Doc Brown Jumpsuit                              Check Price

2. Doc Brown Tool Belt Bag                      Check Price

3. White Doc Brown Wig                           Check Price

4. Black Doc Brown Goggles                     Check Price

5. Digital Stopwatch Timer                        Check Price

6. Remote Control Prop                             Check Price


The Best Doc Brown from Back to the Future Cosplay Ideas

Doc Brown has worn various outfits throughout his appearance in the movies. Primary gives people a lot of different options when it comes to dressing up as the inventor. But for this guide, we’ll feature the outfit that Doc was wearing when they were testing the DeLorean time machine.

It consists of a white coverall with a white shirt underneath. The coverall includes a red triangle design on the feet area and a left breast pocket. The Doc Brown cosplay will also come with a black belt that has a bag attached to it, where Doc puts all of his tools and small equipment. Included in the cosplay set are Doc’s other tools like black goggles, a digital stopwatch timer, and a remote-control prop that he used to control the time machine car. A short messy white wig that represents Doc Brown’s hairstyle completes the cosplay set.

About Doc Brown Costume

Doc Brown wasn’t always a scientist as there was a time in his life where he was a movie stunt man. It happened when his two sons, together with Marty McFly, went back in time to try and fix his fear of fishing. But they ended up making him do an unintended stunt that Primary on video. Uncle Oliver realized Doc could make a lot of money as a stunt man, so he signed a deal for him to do stunts in a movie.

But it was short-lived since he realized the producers and directors don’t care about Doc’s well-being. Once his movie career was over, he went back into doing science. Doc Brown is also one of the favorite characters in the Back to the Future movie due to his combination of smarts, personality, and funny moments. A lot of people remember his famous exclamation “Great Scott”, which makes Doc Brown a good cosplay option. And if you look at the Doc Brown cosplay photos, you can see how great it is to dress up like the inventor, despite the simple outfit. Doc Brown is a great cosplay idea if you are attending a costume party or comic convention.

The Doc Brown Cosplay Makeup

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