Amazing Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Ideas of My Hero Academia

The hot manga and anime series My Hero Academia talks about superheroes and centers on the story of Izuku Midoriya, a boy who was born without any Quirks. Of course, a story is only complete if the main protagonist has an antagonist. Though Izuku has had to deal with a lot of villains in his life, the main villain of My Hero Academia is Tomura Shigaraki.

His real name is Tenko Shigaraki, and he is the leader of the League of Villans, an evil organization of powerful villains that wants to destroy Hero Society. Tomura’s primary goal is to kill All Might and destroy the Symbol of Peace that he is representing and create a new one in his image. His Quirk is Decay, which allows him to disintegrate whatever he touches with his hands. It requires all five fingers should be touching the target for the Quirk to work.

As the main antagonist in the series, there are also a lot of people who want to dress up like Tomura. Unlike most of the character in My Hero Academia, Tomura is only known to wear one type of outfit.

My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Guide

tomura shigaraki cosplay guide

Parts you may need:

1. Tomura Shirt                                              Check Price

2. Black Pants                                                 Check Price

3. Tomura Shigaraki Wig                             Check Price

4. Red Sneakers                                             Check Price

5. 14 Hands                                                     Check Price


The Best Tomura Shigaraki of My Hero Academia Cosplay Ideas

Tomura Shigaraki is known to be as one of the most dangerous villains in the series, because of his physical and analytical skills. He had high intellect and enhanced speed, power, and durability. His Decay Quirk is also a troublesome ability to deal with. When it comes to cosplaying Tomura, you will only need one outfit and several props.

The character has been shown to wear simple clothes, which includes a plain black V-neck T-shirt, black pants, and a high cut red sneakers. You will also be getting a short blue messy wig for Tomura’s hairstyle. The next thing you will need are the props, which are disembodied hands attached on his arms and shoulders. Tomura uses 14 hands, and one of them connects to his face.

About Tomura Shigaraki Costume

Tomura Shigaraki is shown to be someone who doesn’t care about his or anyone else’s life. He won’t hesitate to kill U.A. High School students to provoke All Might. He is also shown to be a spoiled brat who would become angry and throw a fit if things didn’t go his way. He uses 14 disembodied hands attached to his arms, shoulders, and face for his costume. The hands don’t seem to show any meaning, except for the one attached to his face, which he calls Father.

As a villain, Tomura Shigaraki lives up to his dangerous reputation, by also dressing up as a sinister and deranged individual. His actual outfit is simple as he wears an all-black outfit with red shoes. It is when he slips on his costume of dismembered hands that he becomes scary. If you look at the Tomura cosplay photos, you can see how creepy his outfit is, making it perfect for Halloween or if you want to scare someone.

Cosplayers: QuelliDelCosplayIntrusioniCreative

tomura shigaraki cosplay

My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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