How to Diy Sailor Mars Cosplay without Sewing

Sailor Moon is a favorite anime and manga series in the mid-90s. It focuses on the life Tsukino Usagi, of a young middle-school girl who became a superheroine called Sailor Moon. She, together with her sailor soldiers, protected the Earth from the forces of evil. One such sailor soldier is Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars is one of the five original Inner Sailor Warriors of the Sailor Moon series. She is the third sailor soldier introduced in the series and the second one that Usagi has discovered. Her civilian name is Rei Hino, a young girl who attends a Catholic institution that is run by nuns. She first made an appearance as a Miko (also known as shrine maiden or supplemental priestess) of the Hikawa Shrine.

Sailor Mars has the stormiest relationship with the main character Usagi, as they’re always arguing or clashing about petty things. Despite this, Rei is considered as a favorite option when it comes to cosplaying Sailor Moon characters. This article will be a Sailor Mars cosplay guide.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars Cosplay Guide

Sailor Mars Cosplay Guide

1. Sailor Mars Costume                                Product Page

2. Red Star Earrings                                      Check Price

3. Sailor Mars Wig                                         Check Price

4. Headband Headwear                                Check Price

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The Best Sailor Mars of Sailor Moon Cosplay Guide

Sailor Mars is one of the leading members of the Sailor Moon series, being part of the original five Sailor Warriors. Her powers combine the power of fire, clairvoyance, psychic, and the Ofuda charm. She is also known as the Soldier of War and Guardian of Flame and Passion. As a person, Rei Hino is considered a disciplined and practical person. Dressing up as Sailor Mars is not that hard to achieve, considering she wears a sailor school uniform.

For this Sailor Mars cosplay set, you will get the full costume, which includes the sailor school uniform with red collars and a red mini skirt. The costume will also come with elbow-length white gloves with red bands on the elbows. The outfit includes a long brunette wig for the character’s hair, a headband, a pair of red star earrings, and a pair of red shoes. This cosplay set also comes with a full Sailor Mars costume for kids.

About Sailor Mars Costume

 Since Rei Hino was first introduced as a Miko, her personality is that of someone who is conservative, old-fashioned, disciplined, and practical. It causes her to have a lot of petty arguments with Tsukino Usagi, since their personality clashes. This petty argument also shows her teenager side, since there’s a running gag between the two characters as they like to stick their tongues out against each other for long periods.

Since she is somewhat a rival to Usagi, Rei is also a favorite choice by a lot of ladies when it comes to cosplaying Sailor Moon characters. Being whose powers are associated with fire, Sailor Mars has that fierce look on her. If you look at the Sailor Mars cosplay photos, you can see that her pretty and sexy appearance doesn’t hide the fact that she is a very fierce sailor soldier you wouldn’t want to miss.

Cosplayer: Mika666Kapalaka.cosplay

Sailor Mars Cosplay

Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars Cosplay Makeup Guide

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