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Misty, or Kazumi Yawa in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters of the original Pokemon series. She aspires to be a Water Pokemon Master and to be the most excellent trainer of Water Pokemon. She lives in Cerulean City and currently serves as its gym leader after her sisters left to travel the world and leave her in charge of the gym while they are gone.

Misty is the first character that the protagonist in the original story, Ash Ketchum, meets. She starts following him around after Ash wrecks her bike trying to escape from a flock of Spearow following him. She eventually began to develop feelings for Ash and use the waiting for Ash to pay for her bike as an excuse to tag along. A lot of people consider her one of the most popular characters in the original Pokemon series due to her personality and how her feelings for Ash developed throughout the series. This article is a Misty cosplay tutorial.

The Pokemon Misty Cosplay Guide

misty cosplay ideas

Parts you may need

1. Yellow Tank Top                                       Check Price

2. Misty Pokemon Wig                                 Check Price

3. Ash Ketchum Cap                                     Check Price

4. Red Suspenders                                        Check Price

5. Denim Shorts                                            Check Price

6. Togepi Plush Doll                                     Check Price


The Best Misty of Pokemon Cosplay Ideas

As one of the original characters of the Pokemon series, Misty has already worn a lot of different outfits throughout her appearance. However, people remember her mostly during her debut in the original Pokemon series, wearing her unique outfit.

This Misty cosplay guide will feature her original outfit, the one she wore in the original Pokemon series. The costume consists of a yellow tank top with red suspenders on top of it and denim shorts. The tank top is worn in a way that reveals her midriff. The cosplay set will also come with a short orange wig with a side ponytail to reflect the character’s usual hairstyle. The collection will also come with Ash Ketchum’s cap, which Misty wears on several occasions, and a Togepi plush doll as a prop of the cosplay since the Pokemon is the one that Misty carries around a lot.

About Misty Costume

Misty is one of the gym leaders of Cerulean City, along with her three sisters. But this was only revealed when Ash went to get his Cascade Badge. She took the role of gym leader and battled him for it. Misty is a kind and sensible person, often the mature one among the three of them. She always keeps both Ash and Brock in line, often hitting them to knock some sense into them.

Because of her personality, a lot of people consider her as one of the best characters of the Pokemon series. But what makes Misty special is not only her personality but also her looks. She’s described as an attractive young lady as well. That's also why she’s a popular choice when it comes to cosplaying Pokemon characters. If you look at the Misty cosplay photos, you can see that she is indeed a right costume choice, regardless if you are attending a costume party, photoshoot, or comic conventions.

Pokémon Misty Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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