How To Get A Tharja Cosplay For Halloween

Tharja is one of the playable characters in the role-playing game Fire Emblem Awakening. She is a dark mage who has the power to read fortunes with the help of a Manakete’s scale. She is also a mage from Plegia but doesn’t care about the battle between Ylisse and her kingdom. Tharja despises the King of Plegia and would join Chrom that the character would even join Chrom’s side in the game.

She also falls in love with Robin, regardless of what gender the character has in the game. As a playable character, Tharja is also a good cosplay option for fans looking to cosplay Fire Emblem Awakening characters. This article is a Tharja cosplay guide.

Fire Emblem Awakening | Tharja Cosplay Tutorial

tharja cosplay diy

Parts you may need

1. Full Tharja Costume                                Check Price

2. Black Tharja Wig                                      Check Price

3. Gold Tharja Shoes                                    Check Price

4. Tharja Figure                                             Check Price


The Best Tharja of Fire Emblem Awakening Cosplay Ideas

Tharja is one of the prettiest and attractive female characters in the game. Other characters even pointed it out, with one saying she has the largest breasts in the army, making Tharja feel embarrassed. This guide will feature the usual outfit that Tharja wears throughout the game.

It consists of a black bra top with gold outlines at the bottom and holds short shorts bottom with black outlines. Her shorts also have a black cloth hanging in the middle to her knee. The character also wears a long-sleeves full-body net suit underneath her outfit. The cosplay set will also come with a black crown-like cloth with gold outlines covering the top of her head and a black cloak with gold outlines and maroon underneath. The cosplay set is completed with a long black wig in Tharja’s hairstyle and a pair of gold shoes with straps that wraps around the ankles. A Tharja figure will also come with the cosplay set.

About Tharja Costume

As a Dark Mage, Tharja is adept at using Dark Magic. But the hexes and curses that she knows are mostly used for good instead of evil. Her hexes can help cool down a fever or repel insects. The magic that she knows is generally designed to protect her allies. Tharja is also a skilled Talisman maker, allowing her to provide helpful talismans to her allies. Though she likes to help her partners a lot, the character's personality doesn’t show it. She appears cold and moody around others, except for Robin. Tharja regularly threatens to curse people who stand in her way and her plans of gaining Robin’s affection.

She is so obsessed with Robin that she values the character’s life than her own. In the game, Tharja would have an experience full of curses and hexes to unite with Robin after the war if she was single. Nevertheless, her overall appearance and personality make her an excellent cosplay option. If you look at the Tharja cosplay photos, you can see that Tharja is a great character to dress up as if you’re attending a costume party, comic convention, or photoshoots.

The Fire Emblem Tharja Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

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