How To Create Your Own Bob Belcher Costume

Robert Belcher, Jr., or more commonly known as Bob Belcher, is one of the main characters of the animated series Bob’s Burgers. He is the protagonist of the series and a third-generation restaurant owner. He runs the burger chain Bob’s Burgers together with his wife and their three children. Bob Belcher is not a great businessman, nor does he have any luck in running one. But his restaurant is staying afloat due to his exceptional cooking.

It allows him to still provide for his family despite his shortcomings as a businessman. As the protagonist of the series Bob Belcher is one of the favorite cosplay options of people looking to dress up as characters of Bob’s Burgers. This article is a Bob Belcher cosplay guide.

The Best Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers Cosplay Tutorial

bob belcher costume tutorial

Parts you may need

1. Bob Belcher T-Shirt                               Check Price

2. Gray Pants                                               Check Price

3. White Bob Belcher Apron                     Check Price

4. Fake Mustache                                        Check Price

5. Black Leather Shoes                               Check Price


The Best Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers Cosplay Ideas

Like a lot of the characters of Bob’s Burgers, Bob Belcher doesn’t usually wear a lot of different outfits throughout his appearance in the series. The character is mostly seen wearing his chef outfit even if he is not in the kitchen. He would wear a variation of his typical outfit when he goes out. This guide will feature the typical outfit that Bob Belcher wears.

His chef outfit consists of a dirty white t-shirt with gray pants and a white apron on top of it. The character usually takes off the apron when he is going somewhere, keeping the rest of his outfit intact. The cosplay collection will also come with a fake mustache, which is a trademark for the character. A pair of black leather shoes are also included in the cosplay set to complete Bob Belcher’s overall appearance.

About Bob Belcher Costume

Bob Belcher is just like any typical citizen. He works hard in his business, tries to balance his time with his restaurant and family, and struggles to pay bills. He also has a well-meaning personality and a positive perspective, despite the struggles and challenges he faces. He’s not fazed even if his kids don’t respect him at all. He goes about his duties as a businessman, husband, and father with enthusiasm.

He is also a bit of an introvert and repressed, which is an exact opposite from his wife who continually displays a youthful exuberance and doesn’t care what society thinks. But Bob Belcher’s overall personality and characteristics are what appeals to people who like Bob’s Burgers since they can connect to him. He is just like everyone else, which makes him a relatable character. This is also why Bob Belcher is one of the cosplay options for people looking to dress up as Bob’s Burger characters. If you look at the Bob Belcher cosplay photos, dressing up as him still looks good, despite the character’s seemingly typical appearance. He’s a great cosplay option for costume parties.

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