The Best Vampire Hunter Blade Costume Ideas

Eric Brooks, or more commonly known as Blade, is a half-human half-vampire hybrid that hunts down vampires. As a hybrid, he possesses all of the strengths of a vampire and none of their weaknesses. It means sunlight, garlic, and silver can’t harm him. He uses this strength and powers as a vampire to hunt and kill off pure-blooded vampires and all who tries to associate with them. Since sunlight can’t harm him, he is also often called as The Daywalker.

Since he is a half-vampire, Blade also inherited the thirst for blood, which he sometimes struggles to fight off. But this thirst for blood also allows him to recover his strength quickly after he is injured. Blade is also one of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe. When the Blade movie first came out, a lot of the audiences liked it, giving Marvel Studios one of its first box-office successes. That is also why the character is still a popular cosplay option. This article will be a Blade costume tutorial.

The Marvel Universe Blade Costume Guide

blade costume guide

1. Full Blade Costume                                  Check Price

2. Blade Sword with Sheath                        Check Price

3. Aluminum Stake Set                                Check Price

4. Black Sun Glasses                                    Check Price

5. Black Gloves                                              Check Price

6. Vampire Teeth                                          Check Price

7. Black Blade Boots                                     Check Price


The Best Blade Cosplay Ideas

Eric Brooks is one of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe. He is more commonly known as Blade The Vampire Hunter. He is a half-human half-vampire hybrid, granting him all the powers and abilities of a vampire, minus their weaknesses. Since sunlight doesn’t harm him, vampires usually call him The Daywalker.

Being one of the first successful Marvel characters in the big screen, Blade is a favorite cosplay option. This Blade cosplay guide will feature his full costume. It consists of a black vest and black pants with a black full-length leather trench coat. It also comes with a black belt to place, Blade’s sword with a black sheath that can be attached at the back. The set will come with a set of aluminum stakes to represent the silver stakes Blade uses to kill vampires, a pair of black gloves and black boots, a sunglasses, and vampire's teeth.

About Blade Costume

The Vampire Hunter Blade is one of the first superhero characters that Marvel Studios successfully adopted into the big screen. The first movie was a success that two more movies came out to complete a trilogy. The action scenes in Blade more than made up for the bland plot of the film. Audiences also raved about how the movie correctly portrayed the character, including his personality and appearance.

People loved how tough and cool looking blade is with his all-black outfit and array of anti-vampire weapons. That is why Blade is also a favorite choice of people looking to cosplay Marvel characters. The beauty about this character is that he is not part of the mainstream Marvel superheroes, so there really won’t be a lot of people trying to look like him. Even if he isn’t mainstream, he is still a cool character to cosplay. Just check out the Blade cosplay photos and see how badass the vampire hunter looks.

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